Nothengjo, the old seine-net drying facilities at Vindenes, was built in 1946, and had room for up to 9 purse seines. Above the drying area was a 700 sq m seine loft. The loft was used to store seines, and for repair and maintenance of fishing equipment. It provided work for some 20 men - all year round. In addition, it featured a furnished living space with 10 beds and a kitchen with cook.

Nothengjo, and other facilities in the area, formed the onshore base of the fishing fleet owner Hans O. Vindenes from 1946 and up until 1973 when he stopped trading.

Part of Notloftet has been restored and refurbished, and is today used as a function facility. Photos from the sea and harbour have been used to decorate the venue, and old fishing equipment is on display.

About Vindenes

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of a 10 000-year-old settlement at Høybøden, furthest north at Vindenes. A photo collage on permanent display illustrates life and work at Vindenes over the past 100 years. The main source of income in the area has always been agriculture and fishing.



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